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Did you recently move to Roseville? Are you looking for a reliable and affordable Internet provider? The people of California choose Comcast. WiFi with Xfinity.
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SVG Icons. TV, Phone, and Internet starting at. Time Left to Call Today. Get Xfinity Plans. Click to Call. Xfinity TV. See More. Skip to content The easy answer is that you just sign up for the Digital Preferred Package. Xfinity Internet in Roseville, CA Plus, there are plenty of features that enable you to upgrade even further, including the Sports Entertainment Package. Get Xfinity in Roseville, CA No more being bounced around from customer service rep to customer service rep!

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Very very challenging company to speak with 'real' employees. Their price policy is 'price gouging at the extreme' for the product they deliver. Where I live, Comcast almost have a complete monopoly! They are not competitive on pricing. They find creative ways to raise prices but will lower price if you threaten to leave.


But service and reliability are good. They schedule appointments and do not show. Comcast are only choice so you have to accept their lack of professionalism and customer service. I think they need more competition and an overhaul in leadership. Quality of services provided is not commensurate with the price paid for said services.

Unfortunately, there is no real competition in my service area prefer Verizon. Customer services reps are woefully uninformed. I have been a secondary account holder for years and they recently refused to schedule a service call because according to them I was not on the account. They lack routers that can effectively cover homes over 2, sq ft. I've had to call back twice now because they arbitrarily deactivated a box. Although internet speed has improved, I still encounter annoying slowdowns, which, to be fair, is probably partially due to pipeline issues.

Comcast Internet seem to want to please you but as far as their service I have the internet service I have a lot of problems with it - cuts in and out, it says it's a slow internet speed.

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I also have TV. It goes out just about once a week for a couple hours. They have no idea what causes it. They send people out here. They don't know what causes it. I also have the phone service and it works pretty good but since I installed it I've been trying to get into my email and they keep saying for code took and called them and they was supposed to send one out in the mail and they never got it. I had no option on a cable and internet provider for a few years when I lived in Washington, DC. The cost of service exceeds that of most other competitors, and the service, both technical and customer, is horrendous.

I experienced more outages than ever anticipated, and when calling to report an outage, the customer service spent more time trying to convince me to change cellular providers to Comcast. I had this issue on no fewer than 10 times in a five year period. I know several people whose experience is identical to that of my own. Since Verizon FIOS has been made available, most customers have canceled Comcast and opted for Verizon, because the service is more reliable and less expensive.

Comcast is a little high. We have to keep them because we can't get any station unless we have some kind of connection service. I pay over a hundred dollars and still can't get the station I want.

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Always too expensive and lots of unclear charges on the bill. The customer service at the Xfinity stores is far superior to dealing with the company on the phone. I pay for fast broadband at Comcast, but it seems no faster than "non-broadband. I have internet and phone. Internet is slower than they tell you and the phone goes out when internet goes out so, you better have a cell phone. Also, prices are too high. It seems that you get penalized if you don't want triple play.

And if you just want internet without the phone, you pay more. Since I'm on a fixed income I call and ask for promotion when my plan goes up. It's like pulling teeth sometimes.

Comcast in Susanville, CA

It's as if it is coming out of their pockets. Customer service tries to help, but sometimes it's hard to understand them when they aren't in the US. And then, sometimes I will get someone who is very accommodating and gives me a promotion. About a month later I received a call from Comcast offering a "deal" with cable and internet for about the same price as I was paying for internet.

Rated #1 in satisfaction

There was a 1 year contract and I knew I would be moving out of the service area in less than 1 year. I told the representative this and was told that early termination fees would not apply if I was moving out of the service area. When I moved I was hit with the early termination fee.

I tried to get it reversed but to no avail. I probably should have read all the fine print but I was told specifically that early termination fee would not be assessed in my situation.